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Our daughter was getting married and my wife and I wanted to learn some swing dance for the wedding. My wife found Sherry and what a great find.  I was a little nervous to start, having never done a dance class, but Sherry eased my nerves in the first 10 minutes. She has the ability's to explain in a way that makes sense to both of us, even though my wife and I may not be thinking the same thing. I was also concerned about the virtual lessons, but in reality that was much better. You have the comfort of you own house with the individual teaching. It felt more like Sherry was at our house than us being at her studio. I think that made a huge difference and lessened my anxiety and made the learning much easier. We have learned the fox trot, east coast swing, and the jitterbug. Now were are transitioning to the Latin styles. I would highly recommend Sherry. She makes the lessons fun and low stress. I would have never ventured out to a club for a night of dancing without her support. Now we are going dancing a couple nights a month.    Ted W.

We started taking virtual lessons with Sherry for our Wedding first dance back in February, 2022 and the experience has been awesome.  We were not sure how virtual lessons would work but Sherry's patience, attention to detail, and overall great attitude has made this experience not only educational but also extremely FUN.  Sherry is a great communicator which also helps in the virtual environment.  She really thought through our song and choreography and we are pumped to unleash the dance at our wedding.  As one of us does not have any dance background Sherry is great at explaining specifics in aa manner that is easy to understand and use.  Overall the experience has been wonderful and we could not recommend Sherry enough!     Liz and Morgan


Sherry is the best! We worked with her on our first dance for our wedding and we got so many comments about how perfect our dance was! We didn't want anything too choreographed and Sherry gave us the perfect routine that was easy to learn and fun to do. If you're looking for an instructor, definitely hire Sherry!     Sally R.

Sherry is a phenomenal instructor that's given me the skillset and foundation to feel confident in asking anyone out to dance in any Salsa club in the country. Being a complete novice I wanted an instructor that had the patience and background to be able to teach me at a pace that made sense for me. Surprisingly, I was able to apply what she taught me almost immediately and I continue to learn new things every week! What's really helped has been Sherry's teaching approach which involves not only explaining the mechanics and the physics behind dancing, but also the very practical and applicable advice she gives me to shift my hand during this pattern, or bend my elbow more in this cross-body lead, or think about this move as if I was pushing boxes down a conveyor belt! Whatever it takes for me to figure out how to do the move correctly and consistently. Being able to have that flexibility, personalization, fun personality, experience, and teaching ability is what separates her from any other instructor. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to get into dancing,  or enhance their existing dancing abilities to get to the next level to reach out to Sherry!     Bryant B.

Sherry was great!  We were in need of dance lessons for our wedding first dance.  We came to her with a relatively unknown song.  She was able to put together the routine with some choreography sprinkled in.  She started out teaching us the basics.  She did a great job of adapting to our prior experience (or lack thereof!).  We felt super prepared for the big dance and absolutely nailed it.  Thank you so much, Sherry!     Billy H.

My husband and I decided to take dance lessons a few months before our wedding.  Because we are a same-sex couple, we wanted to be selective in choosing an instructor.  We came across Sherry’s name online, and she did not disappoint.  Not only did she make us feel comfortable in her studio, but she made us feel comfortable dancing in front of our family and friends.  My husband has no dance experience and I had limited couples dance experience.  Sherry began by teaching us some basic steps and quickly began to choreograph our first dance.  Sherry was not only able to create our first slow dance (the foxy) in this short amount of time, she also choreographed a fast dance (the salsa) that knocked our guests off their feet.  These numbers were created with such loving care and matched our personalities perfectly; we did not miss a beat.  We had so much fun working with Sherry throughout this process, we have decided to become life-long students and have continued lessons.  We would recommend Sherry to anyone who is looking for that special first dance, or for someone who simply wants to have fun and learn to dance.  Sherry is not just our dance instructor, she is a dear friend and we highly recommend her services.

Jeff W.

Sherry is amazing.  She is patient and communicates clearly. Students will little or no dance experience gain confidence and learn quickly.  You won't find a better dance instructor than Sherry!     Chuck N.

Sherry was absolutely amazing in teaching us the Foxy and creating the choreography for our first dance. The song we chose was quite challenging, but she blew us away with her ability to create an easy, yet beautiful choreography. Our first dance was so special and we'll have a video of it to cherish for a lifetime...especially the part where I decided to dip the opposite way at the very end, but nobody even noticed (kudos to my husband for not letting me fall :)).  We look forward for life to calm down a little so we can go back for more lessons and learn other dances as well.  We highly recommend Sherry to anyone wanting to learn how to dance, no matter the reason or occasion!

Larissa K.

We hired Sherry to choreograph and teach us our wedding dance for our nuptials. Both my husband and I have a dance background but, distinctly different styles and we struggled to dance together. Sherry helped us find our style together, and gave us a beautiful dance for our wedding night. We will be back to learn more and establish our dancing style as a couple across many more music types.     Nikoletta V.

Our Dance Amore instructor is great!!!  And I mean really I highly recommend this business.  Best dance instructor I have worked with -- and I have worked with several. great.  We are taking individual/couples salsa lessons and it is a blast.  I can tell you that as a guy, I am not a great dancer (unlike my wife) but we are now dancing together -- all thanks to Dance Amore.     Phil V.

I was excited to find Sherry because she offered exactly what I was looking for. We wanted a choreographed dance just for us and private lessons and most other dance places only had group lesson offers or were extremely pricey for private options. Sherry had it all and at a very reasonable rate. We were nervous at first because we are a same-sex couple and didn't know how the dance would look with 2 feminine women or if Sherry had ever dealt with choreographing a dance for 2 women but she did not disappoint! Sherry listened to everything we said we wanted, even my slightly unrealistic visions of Cinderella type grand ballroom dance moves :) Sherry was not only professional and displayed an obvious passion for dance but she was incredibly fun to work with. She genuinely cared about making our dance exactly what we had envisioned and wanted us to be happy with and love our dance, and we absolutely were! We not only found a dance instructor whom we certainly want to teach us more dances, but we also had the pleasure of getting to know a wonderful person and quickly adored her and are happy to call Sherry our friend.     Daisy D.

Sherry is amazing.  We reached out to her to teach us to salsa and choreograph our wedding song.  She was very patient and positive through each lesson and as far as the choreography, we are SO excited and happy with the routine.  It's fun!!!  I highly recommend working with such a thoughtful and creative and creative dance instructor.   

Erin M.

Sherri is a wonderful instructor. My fiancé and I are enjoying our dance lessons with her. She is attentive, professional, a sweetheart, and making learning to dance fun. She developed a choreographed routine for our first dance,  that way no matter how nervous we are we will know what we are doing. We cannot wait to show our wedding guests our dance moves. If you are looking for a dance instructor, we cannot recommend her enough!

Amanda S.

Sherry was amazing!  I don't consider myself much of a dancer, but by the end of it, I feel confident in my ability to go out and dance! She was able to take complex steps and break them down for me to understand.  The best part was, it was tons of fun.  So if you're looking for a great dance instructor, look no further.  I can't say enough about Sherry, it was a great experience!     Jeremy W.


Sherry was fantastic and highly recommend her.  She taught my husband and I the perfect dance for our daughters wedding.  Also she gave hints on how to enter the dance floor with such grace and style.  It was a wonderful experience.     Sandy S.


My husband and I took dance lessons from Sherry at Dance Amore in preparation for our daughter's wedding. We were non-dancers and a bit uncomfortable about dancing but Sherry immediately set us at ease and taught us a simple dance that my husband could do with our daughter for their first dance. They danced beautifully at the wedding! Sherry has a very pleasant way of teaching and is very encouraging and professional. We enjoyed learning to dance so much that we returned for more lessons and now feel confident on the dance floor.     Cathleen F.

Sherry was excellent from start to finish! She was able to teach us some patterns for both the rumba and salsa and tied in some beautiful choreography to match our music selections. We may have waited too long to get our dance lessons started, but Sherry got us into dance shape in no time! Neither of us had any dance experience either but she helped to make our first dance both special and memorable. I can't stress enough how great she is! She takes the time to explain dance moves and mechanics in a way that you can relate to! We will definitely be taking more lessons with her in the future!     Julio H.

Our first dance was the highlight of our wedding thanks to the amazing Sherry! Sherry was so wonderful to work with. I have a dance background, but not in ballroom, and my husband had no experience. But you would have thought we had been dancing for years. Sherry choreographed a beautiful routine for us and was so patient in teaching it to us. Her wedding package was an amazing price and I would recommend Sherry to any couple who wants to make their first dance extra special.     Sarah B.

We contacted Sherry in preparation for our daughter’s wedding, we had never had dance lessons and was nervous, she instantly put us at ease and made it lots of fun! Sherry is a great communicator and offered detailed instructions. The lessons we received allowed us to fully enjoy the reception. Sherry was great working with my husband and daughter for their dance as well, all of it leaving us with many wonderful memories!     Kim M.

Sherry is absolutely incredible! My (now) husband and I came in with almost no dance experience, and were certainly not good at dancing together....that ended in us preforming an amazing choreographed dance for our wedding guests that blew their minds! It was honestly the best part of the wedding planning experience, no matter what stress we might have felt that day, we would get to the studio and have a blast with each other and with Sherry. She made us feel so comfortable and her instruction was easy to understand and I must say we were almost Dancing with the Stars level at the end (at least in my mind!) I felt so in love with my husband as we learned a new skill together. We 100% recommend Sherry and can not wait to get back into her studio to continue to learn and grow! So much fun!     Jen A.

If you are considering dance lessons let me tell you two things: 1. Do it. Your guests will LOVE it & it’s a fantastic memory! 2. Work with Sherry at Dance Amore. She was so fun to work with! She was patient and so positive. Kept our sprits up when we both felt like total failures and created an impressive & attainable dance routine for us that totally felt like us as a couple. We got so many compliments and it was honestly one of our favorite parts of the night!     Sarah S.

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